We offer three different rental programs based on your needs.  Please find more photos and virtual tour of the studios here.


  • Studio rentals are for classes, auditions, meetings, group rehearsals, photo shoots, etc.
  • Rentals are available hourly from 9am-10pm, Monday-Sunday, with 30-minute increments.
  • See prices and additional information below by clicking on the room you wish to book.
Floor Plan (2nd floor) - Studios 1, 2, & 3

Second Floor Studios

Studio 1 details (2nd Floor)

Details for Studio 1

Studio 2 details (2nd Floor)

Full Details for Studio 2

Studio 3 details (2nd Floor)

Full Details for Studio 3

Floor Plan (1st floor) - Studio 4

Full Details for Studio 4


Floor space rental are for individuals who want to practice their style of dance or choreograph. It can also be for instructors who wish to teach a private lesson. Floor space means that you may share the room with someone else.

If you want a room just for yourself or for your group, see prices above for Studio Rental.

A. If you want to teach a private lesson:

The floor fee is $15/hour
Rentals are available hourly from 9am-10pm, Monday-Sunday, based on availability with 30-minute increments.

B. For the local artist to rehearse:

In order to support the local artists who don’t have a place to rehearse or choreograph and want to be surrounded by people alike, we have created our monthly floor rental membership. Think of this membership like a gym membership allowing you to use our studio during our down time.

  • Membership is monthly.
  • No registration cost. No commitments.
  • The room is not exclusively reserved for you. You may need to share the space with other people
  • Cost: $45/month. Or $15/hr if you don’t want the monthly membership.
  • Available times are Monday-Friday 1.30pm-6pm and occasionally at other times. Call the day before to find out what is available outside of those days and times.

To reserve now or check on availability, call us at (504) 233-8868

Note: The monthly membership is not available for private lessons. The hourly rate will apply.


If you are planning a social event like a birthday, Anniversary, bachelor/ette party, or a friends’ reunion, let us help you.  (Please note that hourly rates for classes do not apply)

Our services range from:

  • Space rental
  • Entertainment booking
  • Dance Instructor booking
  • Security